Uno, due, tre, buongiorno!

The afternoon in Macerata had the mavo 3 pupils learning the basics of Italian during a fun lesson! Our Erasmus+ pupils were taught by their Italian buddies.

The morning was filled with an interesting visit to Caldarola, where the countless damaged buildings really told a story of how Mother Nature’s force had pulled a community apart and had damaged home upon home. The town centre looked like a film set in construction with buildings held together with tension chains, straps and cables and window openings being kept in place with wooden beams to stop them collapsing.

This is of course, where the debate started with where sustainability steps in. The town had in recent years suffered numerous earthquakes with a double whammy in 2016; when the community was recovering from a quake in August, it was hit a second time by quake in the Apennines, ironically on the date of our visit some 7 years ago. How does a community rebuild? Keep to the traditional built homes and rebuild them with the technology and understanding of today? Or demolish and rebuild brand new homes, buildings and offices? With the debate continuing, new governments coming and going and of course costs rising, the town centre still has a large number of uninhabited homes – a veritable ghost town.

After seven years, some progress has been made and the local theatre is a prime example, with it reopening its doors on the 21st of this month, showing the power of the human spirit and not giving up.

The sultry afternoon with temperatures topping 29 degrees, was capped with a visit to the beautiful Bonacorrsi Palace in Sferisterio, where the pupils enjoyed visiting a palace with out furniture. The Palace was costing the Bonacorrsi family a lot of money in maintenance and the furniture had to be sold. Admittedly, the wealth in the palace is in the décor, with beautiful murals, ceilings and frescos. The Aeneid room, especially charts in fine detail the adventures of Virgil’s Aeneas.

The spirit of Erasmus+ was alive today, with the pupils really working together and bonding. We’re looking forward to day three and another bumper day of activities!

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