Religious respect

Day two broke and our pupils were taken off to the Collège where groups were made and three places of worship were visited. Respect is also necessary for people of different faiths. One group visited the Cathedral of Saint Corentin,  another the Locmaria Convent and the third the Mosque.

The Cathedral of Quimper is the focal point of the town centre with its rich history and its bent nave; the result of the old chapel being joined on to another building during the expansion of the diocese. The double organs in the cathedral were also shown as was the Bishop’s seat and the alcoves all dedicated to a different saint.

The Locmaria convent has just celebrated its 1000th birthday and is located in the oldest part of the town. The French Revolution chased off its nuns, who never returned and the place has been used for sporadic services since. Several renovations have taken place and it was specially opened for our visit.

Shoes off, women and men separated and the doors of the mosque were opened for our pupils to visit. Pupils learnt about the true values of Islam and the importance of sharing, this came back again when having lunch together.

The group started on their e-books on Respect during the afternoon before enjoying some free time in the centre of Quimper under the autumnal sun and a short walk back to the Lycée for their three-course meal.

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