Newcastle HEROES

A3a left on Sunday, 9th October for their international cooperation project with IES Ginés Pérez Chirinos and Excelsior Academy. The three schools started their Erasmus+ project HEROES (Helping the Earth Restore Our Environmental Sustainability). With the spotlight on the UK, we discovered some of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) at work and looked at the broader picture. Renewable energy was demonstrated at Catapult, where our pupils got up close and personal to wind turbines, which are being placed out at sea to embrace the North Sea winds and generate electricity for up to 65,000 homes per turbine.

Poverty and food provision were also tackled with a scenario in which the three nationalities worked like an NGO in a fictitious village and tried to solve the issues in the short and long terms. Eye-opening, it certainly was with our pupils being exposed to real-life examples of the complex issues the charities are faced with day in, day out.

Our pupils gained a real feel for what needs to happen with our planet and humanity for the future and it certainly set the cogs moving for our HEROES. Some great simple ideas were borne from their international groups, which in theory were nothing more that changing behaviour; this alone would have a large impact on our lives on Earth.

In March, the English and Dutch schools will be travelling to Spain for round two of the project and the next 6 SDGs will be tackled and viewed from a Spanish perspective. In May, the RSG will be receiving the English and Spanish pupils to complete the final part of the project.