Marjel Visser Award 2023

Marjel Visser was an inspirational English teacher and pioneer of our DLE department who was taken too soon from us. The Award in her name each year in the department is a wonderful way to remember her work and to never forget what she meant to our school, the department and her pupils!

Grades for this project were given by Miss Clarkson for their use of English, grammar structures at B1 and B2 level, writing style, flow and the recognition and explanation of various poetic devices.

At the MVA ceremony, the first and second place prizes to be awarded were chosen by a jury, made up of members of the English department here at school.  A number of teachers from both lower and upper forms were involved in making the final selection.  They were extremely impressed by what they saw and read and it was far from easy to select the final prize winners  from such a high standard of work.

For Havo, Mattanja was awarded the runner-up prize for her powerful analysis of ‘Still I Rise’  by Maya Angelou and Fleur picked up first prize for her inspiring and beautifully written own work ‘The Unknown’.  

Atheneum saw Isa Robert pick up the silver award for her own written piece “The Monster’s Heart” and Jesse Hemprig Gold for his beautifully written and illustrated “The Way Of The Shaolin.”