Louise and Hendrik off to the finals in Woerden!

Friday, 21st April saw two of our talented writers in DLE 2 make their way to the national finals of the Flash Fiction competition! This year, the school had two pupils in the top ten in the whole of the Netherlands!

Louise’s 150 words were cleverly constructed to create a sting in the tail of offering hugs out on the street, only to pick the pockets of those who enjoyed the cuddle. The judges gave a special mention about her piece by saying that it had a ‘cracker opening line!’

Hendrik’s was an interesting piece about the dirty old door handle and a day in its life. The spark for the story came from Hendrik pondering over the idea as he was cleaning the door handles at home.

The international jury were certainly impressed by what they had read, considering the ages of all of the pupils and the fact that they were writing in their second language. Unfortunately, they both missed out on the Gold and Silver prizes, but both received a bound copy of all of the Flash Fiction pieces that made the Top Ten in the Netherlands!

Congratulations to them both!