Iced tradition and 20th Century Culture

Day three took the group off to Hoorn for some interesting activities to widen the project’s scope on our Culture and Traditions aspects. The group were taken first to the Westfries, where the Dutch love of skating was seen with young and old enjoying the centuries old enjoyment on the ice. Our Spanish and French friends thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were seen conversing a lot in English with our Dutch pupils. The previous afternoon, they had been briefed on the 11-City-Tour, which had some really understanding this morning, what 200 kilometres must have felt like on the ice.

A detour to the 20th Century Museum was next on the list, with our pupils getting back in touch with how technology, clothing and gadgets have moved on so much since their humble beginnings: from a barrel with a stirring paddle to the modern-day, all-singing, all-dancing washing machine to tape recorders and video recorders, which seemed incredibly out of place with our streaming services of today!

With some free time for some last minute shopping, it was time to pick up some souvenirs to take home, before returning to Enkhuizen to be the guests at our Dutch homes for some more culture!