Goodbyes and tears!

The last day of the exchange started with the pupils reflecting on their learning from Wednesday’s activities in Hoorn and during the home visits for dinner. After a short break, the pupils got to work on creating their posters in their groups with the winning 6 posters out of the 42 being professionally produced and sent to the participating schools in the project.

The afternoon started with a throwback on the week and considering what has been achieved in terms of personal development and citizenship. This feedback was presented back from each group individually to the Councillor for Education, Mr. Bijman and the Head of School, Mr. Kramer. Certificates of Participation were handed out and the voting started on the final posters.

The farewell party was started with a full buffet meal in our Erasmus Room, followed by some music, dancing, lots of laughter and a number of life-size games, e.g. Jenga, Battleships and Bucket Pong! When the last piece of music was played, the tears flowed, the new friendships came to the fore and the international goodbyes were said.

A week of activities, covering a broad spectrum, looking at RESPECT, has shown us that this value and quality in our pupils is alive and kicking! Thanks go to our French and Spanish colleagues for guiding their pupils through the week and to the team of RSG Dual Language Education teachers, who set the project up, carried it out and pulled out all the stops during the week to ensure that it went as smooth as possible.