No, we’re not talking here about getting something without paying, but what price being ‘free’ has. That was our task for A2a and H2a today, as they visited the beautiful, historical city of Oudenbosch. The early start didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the pupils as they boarded the coach.

The day encompassed exploring the work of NGOs like the Red Cross with the Humanity Game to understand the priorities needed when dealing with humanitarian aid in developing countries. Pupils were given real life case studies such as villages in Syria, The Philippines, Zambia and Venezuela that they had to look after and had to work together to ensure that the villagers were sheltered and had access to clean water and food.

An escape room allowed them to use information about a falsely-imprisoned man, Joseph Oubelkas, who they heard about in a film. Through carefully rethinking the details, they were able to solve the clues and try to escape.

An art workshop allowed the pupils to get creative and consider what freedom means to them individually and my goodness me, the creative juices were flowing if we look at the photos in the gallery!

A GPS tour of the wet city centre was enjoyed by everyone, in spite of the weather conditions and a wholesome lunch served in quaint surroundings was the ‘sit down’ that many of them needed.

Human Rights, Freedom and what it means to us all is now foremost in all of our minds. It certainly cannot be taken for granted!