Final day Erasmus+

The final day broke in Caravaca with a fun programme ahead for the pupils. After completing their questions based on their learning about RESPECT 4 Diversity this week, the Trivial Pursuit questions were sent to the printers. The reflection wall was soon filled with hand prints detailing what the experience meant to each pupil. This was an interesting revelation showing that the Erasmus+ goals had been met.

After the break, it was time to listen to the headmaster’s Spanish speech reminding us about the power of Erasmus+ and the great links that our schools have established over the last lot of years. The school, headmaster and teachers were thanked on behalf of the RSG for the warm reception and great project. The councillor for education from the region of Murcia also praised the importance of Erasmus+ in connecting the young people in education together.

The certificates of participation were duly handed out and it was time to be treated to a three-course meal in a local restaurant to round off the week on Respect 4 Diversity. With some free time thrown in for some good measure, the pupils then headed to their farewell party with burgers, crisps, snacks and fizzy drinks to play sports and socialise with one another before the final goodbyes had to be said. With tears welling and emotional farewells it was time to take one last walk up to the castle for a group photo.