Erasmus plus trip to Malta 2024 day 4-7

April 5, 2024

Today’s focus was on gaining an understanding of international citizenship in the context of Malta’s rich entrepreneurial setting. Our students attended a lecture of Ms X of Malta Enterprise, which has developed various incentives to promote investment in Malta and support the development of innovative enterprises. Although our students prepare for different career paths, the lecturer brought it home to them that there are many options for both national and international start-ups to gain a foothold in Malta. They realised that Malta offers fertile ground for many different players in the labour market of the future. This allowed them to put their present education into a new perspective.

After savouring a traditional Maltese snack, the pastitsio, our students met up with Charles who took them on a tour of Rabbat and Mdina. He told them about the Apostle St Paul and his arrival in Rabat and introduced them to various interesting stories about this famous grotto and his relevance for religion on Malta. In the ancient walled city of Mdina, the Silent City, the students were given time to explore its medieval and baroque architecture at leisure.

At the end of another memorable day, we had a copious dinner at a local restaurant.

April 6, 2024

Miss Martha of Stage Malta had already introduced the students to the fact that voluntary work is deeply engrained in Maltese society as it not only strengthens the community but also offers a strong support base to the individual. Today our students were required to roll up their sleeves and work as volunteers at the Horse Rescue Centre RJW at Siggiewi. They applied themselves to many odd jobs, such as mucking out stables and watering or showering the horses. Both horses and students were extremely happy with this arrangement.

Afterwards some students decided to enjoy a captivating boat trip to Blue Grotto, whereas others preferred taking a dip in the nearby blue waters.

Back at Rivotorto we were treated to another perfect meal and students finalised plans for their hands-on research in Valletta on Tuesday.

April 7, 2024

In the morning of yet another sun-drenched day, we visited the Marsaxlokk Market which spans the entire waterfront and offers a wide variety of fish and local produce. Some of the Luzzu, the traditional Maltese fishing boats which bring in the fresh catches, could be admired up close and the harbour offered a colourful spectacle of smaller and larger fishing boats. Students mingled with the locals and explored the delicacies the Maltese islands have to offer.

Several coaches took us to the Unesco World Heritage Site of the megalithic temples of Hagar Qim and Mnjadra. Hagar Qim means “standing stones or worshipping stones” and dates back to 3600 BC. A guide took us on a tour of the site and explained about the ways of the temple-builders and some of the artefacts, like the statues of a headless woman, also known as the Venus of Malta. While standing on the actual site it dawned on us that these people were far from primitive and had dealt with the demands of their day and age in a very advanced way. The fact that it is on the World Heritage List once more shows that in order to move into the future we also have to include the past. Like these farmers from the Neolithic period, we face similar challenges and yet they managed to build a structure that is still relevant today and still amazes archeologists.

During the afternoon, students were given some time off to explore Malta on their own. The lovely weather enticed many to take a swim at Golden Bay.

At 20.00 the students had all returned from their outings and were full of wonderful stories at the end of another magic day. Dinner was the icing on the cake.