England 2022

With the pandemic fizzling out or perhaps taking a backseat, the Dual Language Education pupils in year three (mavo, havo and vwo) were treated to a very special week in England, when HM Queen Elizabeth II was celebrating her 70th Jubilee.

No matter where we visited, whether that was in Oxford, Cambridge, Stratford-upon-Avon or indeed the capital city, the buntings, flags and good cheer of the British were sure signs of a much-changed atmosphere to even a few months ago, when social distancing and masks were trending.

The third years took part in a House Competition in Oxford before being ‘punted’ along the River Cam in Cambridge, known well for its examinations at the RSG! A visit to Stratford-upon-Avon with a drama workshop, visit to a museum to learn about the pandemic during the Tudor Reign and a guided tour of Shakespeare’s town to hear more about the Bard and indeed his works.

It certainly was “to be,” that we closed the week off with a trip to London, starting in Greenwich at the observatory, where Greenwich Mean Time is calculated from, before watching the Jubilee Flyover in the distance and descending into Greenwich Village for some free time, before hoping onto our catamaran for a speedy service to the hustle and bustle of Westminster. This is where the party fever was felt most! However, with RSG flags flying high around the group, there wasn’t a chance that our pupils could lose us and off we headed for an early meal and a new version of Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ in the form of Walt Disney’s “Lion King.”

The busy trip was over before we knew it. Memories were made, history was certainly written and our pupils and staff had a trip, they’ll never forget. Well done to the DLE 3 pupils! They made us proud!

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