Day 3: Erasmus+ HEROES

Thursday saw the pupils off working on a Scavenger Hunt in the Streekbos and learning the other side of what Erasmus+, which is not just about learning academically together but learning the softer skills of working together, solving problems and learning how to cooperating in a second language. The benefits of the activity also helped to address Sustainable Development Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being and how important it is to close the screens, walk through the forests and enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of the nature around you. The fastest group won a round of ice-creams for the full-group at the IJskoninginnen in Enkhuizen during the Sow to Grow presentations at the purpose-built Sow to Grow Museum. There were also prizes for the groups with the most points.

Wim van Kesten, supported by Christa and Henk gave an introduction into the importance of Enkhuizen for feeding the world through Seed Valley. Many people didn’t know that Seed Valley (the conglomerate of seed companies in West Friesland provide the world with 40% of the world’s seeds for vegetables and 60% of the world’s potatoes. Who would ever have believed that Enkhuizen could be such an important place after the Golden Age of trade!

A visit to the museum was next on the list and the pupils were taken in three smaller groups through how seeds are bred, coated and prepared for shipping. The history of Seed Valley is well signposted in this gem of a museum!