Congratulations to our Cambridge English exam students

A week before the summer holidays the examination results of the final group of Cambridge English students were released and we are very proud to announce that nearly all students were successful in passing their Cambridge English exams. This school year 106 students from all departments ( mavo, havo and atheneum) sat one of the five exams at the Cambridge English Exams Centre in Alkmaar (First, Advanced, Proficiency, Business English Vantage and Higher). Needless to say that all Cambridge teachers are extremely pleased with the achievements of their students.

The Cambridge English Department of the RSG Enkhuizen is an officially recognised Cambridge Preparation School and offers mavo, havo and atheneum students a two-year Cambridge English course preparing them for either the First, Advanced, Proficiency or Business exams. Currently an average of 250 students are enrolled in the programme. Sadly, the international Cambridge Assessment English organisation has announced that they will no longer be offering Cambridge English Business exams, so next year it will no longer be possible to follow this Cambridge course at the RSG Enkhuizen.

In the weeks after the summer holidays, we will be informed by the Cambridge Exams Centre in Alkmaar when the Certificate Ceremony will take place.

Congratulations to all of our successful students from your Cambridge English teachers Mrs. Borst, Mrs. van Dam, Mrs. Clarkson, Mrs. Koning, Miss. Dibble and Mrs. Pieters.

Femke Pieters

Cambridge Exams Coordinator