…and into the recording studio for tv!

Day 3 dawned on our Erasmus+ project week in Caravaca de la Cruz and after two days of gathering information, creating outside interviews as we went, it was time to get into the recording studio and start putting our news programme together: Erasmus+ NEWS: Respect 4 Diversity.

Pupils were using green screen, the latest technology for recording in the studio and creating voiceovers for material shot on location in Murcia, Cartagena and in Caravaca de la Cruz. Groups were called one by one to the studio to record their part of the news and voiceovers. Now it is time for our dear colleague to stitch the voice overs to the films, photos and material shot at location…a labour of love! We’ll see the finished product tomorrow during our final day in the project.

The rest of the morning was spent at the Science Fair, where pupils were given maths tasks, physics and chemistry experiments to try and get to use the science knowledge that our young students already possess to solve some of the conundrums.

The afternoon was spent enjoying the hospitality of the Spanish pupils’ families. In some cases, parents had been up early baking and cooking for the hungry teenagers. The mixed nationality groups were sent off to have a Spanish lunch, enjoy shopping in the afternoon in groups and visit some of the sights in the bustling town. What was for many a very daunting thought turned out to be a very enjoyable experience in the homes of their Spanish counterparts. Our thanks to all of the families who hosted our pupils.