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Cambridge diploma ceremony 2020

It was a long time in the making, with delays due to the C-word that has become the "in-word" in all languages across the world in 2020: the Corona virus or COVID, as it is also known by. 


With social distancing, ventilation and infection sprays, hand sanitiser at the entrance, the small assembly hall became our hub for the graduation event. Out of the 150 candidates taking exams last school year, 89 diplomas were ceremoniously handed over to their deserving owner on Tuesday, 8th December.


Our Cambridge pupils were entered for Cambridge English exams at three levels First, Advanced and Proficiency. Our Business English pupils took part in two high levels for the exam too and will be awarded their Cambridge BEC certificates at the beginning of 2021. In addition, we were very pleased to congratulate all of the Global Perspectives A-level candidates with their awards and Enterprise pupils with their iGCSE diplomas. These last two diplomas are taken as though the pupils are native speakers of the English language and they all passed with flying colours! A true reflection of how excellent their English has become working through the Dual Langauge Education (tto) programme in the junior forms!


With learners from vmbo-tl, havo and vwo present, the RSG Enkhuizen proudly celebrated what each learner had achieved. Our congratulations to all of the RSG pupils, who are now Cambridge School graduates!