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Welcome to t-vwo


Since September 2005, the RSG Enkhuizen has been offering a Dual Language Education course tailored for the vwo pupils in house. 


T-vwo is available across the Netherlands in a growing number of Dual Language Education schools and is attracting the attention of a number of countries across the world, who see the Dutch Dual Language Education system as a benchmark in Excellence in Education.



The theme in the department is Critical thinking, unique to our school, and will be working as a thread through all of the English language subjects. This will mean that the students will be picking up skills that will be of benefit to them during their school careers and of course later on in life, whether that be during a future course at university and as a mover and shaker in their future careers.



Our pupils will be leaving the vwo department well-armed for their futures with:


  • a high quality vwo diploma;
  • a DLE diploma (tweetalig onderwijs diploma);
  • Cambridge Checkpoint Statements of Achievement in English and Maths;
  • an English language diploma in English from the University of Cambridge (ELA) either a CAE or a CPE;
  • a skills diploma in the form of an A-level from the University of Cambridge International Examinations in Global Perspectives


So how does this fit into the course?


In year two, the dedicated teachers will be teaching the following subjects in English:




PDC (Personal Development & Citizenship)


Chemistry & Physics



Design & Technology
Physical Education



At the end of year three, the pupils will finish their "tto-junior programme" and they will have completed three Cambridge Checkpoint exams in English and Maths. These diagnostic tests will produce Statements of Achievement showing how the pupils have done in these two subjects against the others in their year and peers worldwide


In vwo 4, a lot changes. The students are now in their fourth year and will be concentrating on their Dutch national examinations. All subjects will now continue on in Dutch as required by the Dutch Ministry of Education. However, so that our pupils do not forget the language they have learnt in the first three years, they will be working on in English in two brand new courses:




1. Cambridge ELA (English Language Assessment) Certificate of Advanced English or the Certificate of Proficiency in English

2. Cambridge International A-level diploma in Global Perspectives.


With today's generation of students often completing parts of their education in different parts of the world, they are often asked to show what their level of proficiency is in English.  Completing this English language exam at school saves not only time and money later during their university careers but it also gives them a genuine challenge to increase their proficiency in the language, to achieve the highest grades available. This exam is taken at the end of vwo5 and is taken alongside the regular English language and literature programme offered to all pupils in the upper forms of vwo at the RSG Enkhuizen.



From 2013-14, two of our very experienced upper forms teachers will be offering the pre-university course known as A-level Global Perspectives. This course nestles itself in all four profiles in the upper forms, meaning that it is accessible to all pupils from whichever interest area they come from. It has as its main goal to teach pupils how to think critically about all manner of subjects, predominantly in the news or even in the world around them. With this in mind, the pupils will sit University of Cambridge based exams and will submit in the sixth year their Profiel Werkstuk in English under the CRR (Cambridge Research Report)- which will be marked by experienced assessors at the University of Cambridge.



We believe that this formula of English language education alongside the rigorous Dutch education system, will offer our pupils "Education for life!"