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Welcome back to
Dual Language Education! See you on Tuesday, 4th September at 08:15!
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Welcome to the home of Dual Language Education (Tweetalig Onderwijs)

Welcome to the home of Dual Language Education, part of the International department at the RSG Enkhuizen. This part of the website houses all of the news, projects and work of our talented pupils.


For 2018-9, we will  be accepting group 8 pupils with a vmbo-tl and vmbo-tl/havo advice in addition to havo and vwo from the primary school!


Our 2018-9 brochure is available here!


You can access further information on Dual Language Education below or take a look at our groep 8 information here.




Trevor Lewis

Dual Language Education Coordinator

Groep 8 brochure


Download hier je brochure!