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Passport check


School trips are indeed the fun elements of our programme in the Dual Language Education department, however, they can lead to some last minute problems, which could inevitably result in your son/daughter being refused travel either by school or indeed in the worst case scenario at the Border Agency in the United Kingdom.


Please read the following information carefully:


European Passports/EEA* passports


1. If your son/daughter has a European passport or from the EEA, please ensure that it has a minimum of 6 months validity once the school trip has commenced.

2. Ensure that there is at least one clean page in the passport (i.e. one page which is not covered in immigration stamps or visas.


* EEA stands for passports originating from a European Economic Area country (Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Ireland, United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic, Estonia, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria & Romania)


Identity Cards


Identity cards can be used for travel within the EEA countries. Should you be in possession of a Dutch Residency Permit, this is not a travel document and cannot be used for travel. Please see below for further information.


1. Identity cards should have a validity that exceeds the trip by at least six months.

2. The Identity Card should not have any pieces missing, have holes punched or indeed be cracked/broken in any fashion. Identity cards that have been repaired using cellotape will be refused at the border, so ensure that a new one is requested from your local council well in advance.


Passports from other countries than those listed above


For all other passport holders, you are required to make this known to the form teacher well in advance. Please enquire at your own embassy about the rules for requesting tourist visas for entering the United Kingdom. 


There are ways for the school to assist in arranging a temporary document for your son/daughter to take part in the school trips, however, there are costs associated with this and will have to be covered by the parents. For further information, please contact the Dual Language Education Coordinator as soon as possible. This is also true for holders of Dutch residency permits, who do not have a passport from a EEA country.


In December/ January all pupils will be asked by their form teachers to provide a copy of the travel document they will be using for the international trips this school year. We will keep these on file for the duration of the trip, should your son/daughter lose their travel document during the trip.

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