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The Cambridge English HAVO Programme


The Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) examination is an examination in English issued by Cambridge University. Successful candidates receive a certificate awarded by University of Cambridge ELA Examinations with grades ranging from A-E. This language certificate is recognised by top universities and thousands of companies throughout the world. The certificate’s validity will never expire.


The HAVO 4 Cambridge programme is part of the talent programme offered by the Cambridge English department at the RSG Enkhuizen. Our students are given training in all 4 papers of the FCE examination (Reading and Use of English, Writing, Listening, and Speaking). They also follow an extensive literature programme and they are introduced to the life and culture of the English-speaking world. Alongside this course, they are also trained for their official Dutch national English exam in Havo 5.


Taking part in workshops to introduce our students to the international world is also an important part of the programme. In their future studies, students will find that having a good command of the English language is required by most Dutch Colleges. Having an FCE or CAE certificate will most certainly help them through the admission programmes of most international (business) Colleges of the Dutch Hoger Beroeps Onderwijs (HBO) system.


Over the past years, HAVO 4 students have sat the exams at two levels: the First Certificate in English (FCE) and the Cambridge Advanced Certificate in English (CAE). Up to now all students have been very successful in their exams. For some of our very talented HAVO 5 students it is also possible to sit a Cambridge exam at a higher level (CAE or CPE) or sit one of the Cambridge Business exams (BEC).


There are some entrance requirements for the Cambridge course: pupils must be really enthusiastic about following the programme and willing to put in the extra time and effort. It will be a challenging but rewarding programme for the pupils.


  • VMBO-T4 students who would like to be admitted to the HAVO 4 programme after their exam year: an average mark of 8.0 for English and having successfully passed at least the Anglia Intermediate examination in April
  • HAVO 3 students: an average mark of 7.5 for English and having successfully passed at least the Anglia Intermediate exam in April
  • Ex- DLE Atheneum students: an average mark of 75 for English and having successfully passed at least the Anglia Intermediate exam in April


For every student!


Writing a letter of motivation in which you explain to us why you should be admitted to the Cambridge programme.

The Cambridge courses are taught by Mr. H. Huisken (Havo FCE and CAE) and Miss. A. Jones (HAVO DLE Business).


Mrs. F. Pieters MA (Cambridge Exams Coordinator, RSG Enkhuizen).

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