Spanish sunshine starts t-havo 3’s Erasmus+ Respect week

With the January sun beating down, warming our Dutch winter faces, the Erasmus+ week kicked off in Caravaca de la Cruz for our t-havo classes.

Our morning started in the specially kitted out Erasmus+ Room at IES Ginés Pérez Chirinos secondary school, where the ice was broken and the 10 international groups started getting to know one another and heard about the week’s programme for the project RESPECT 4 DIVERSITY. With presentations about the city, the school and its history and culture, given by the Spanish students, the school was then the location of an international Scavenger Hunt.

The first RESPECT workshops focussed on exposing our pupils to living with a disability. Sitting playing badminton, escorting each other, simulating being blind and playing blind football, kept the pupils thinking about how it must be to live with a handicap. Outside in the 20 degrees of sunshine, the pupils also took part in some fun dodgeball and tried their hand at biking on a tandem, which is often used to help those with a disability to move around and enjoy the freedom that biking gives. A cultural lesson on the flamenco beat, practised on a drum box, completed the morning’s activities.

After lunch, the Spanish lesson had our group working on the numbers, greetings, colours and days of the week! These first words in Spanish will help a little when the pupils visit their Spanish counterparts at home. The final activity for the day took us on the tourist train to Caravaca’s castle on the hill! The train took the strain off our legs and saved us having to climb our way up to the walled castle, which houses the number 5 place for pilgrimage in Spain!

After some free time, it was time to head for our Spanish-timed meal and then off to the hotel for our much-needed rest!