Respect day 3

Day 3 started at school, where the pupils got to work processing the information from the previous days concerning the topics of Ecology, Culture and Tradition. The final product that the pupils are working on is their version of the fun board game, Trivial Pursuit. Fun facts and some deep thinking about the visits and sessions at school created some very interesting questions for the game.

After break the groups left to visit APCOM, a specialist care facility in Caravaca for those with a physical or mental disability. The groups were split in three for seven visits to areas of the centre. All groups started with making their own printed shopping bags, with logos designed by the centre. The process was explained by a trainer and assistance was on hand, offered by the centre’s clients. Visits were made to areas of the facility, where we heard the stories and information about the activities on offer to them. At this time, St. Valentine’s Day was the main theme and in most activity rooms, Valentine’s Cards were being made, flower arrangements made from paper and in some rooms, Carnival was being prepared for too with brightly-coloured in masks and outfits.

With some acting in the park Las Fuentes del Marquez, the students heard about the forbidden love story, dating back to the times of the Templar Knights, ticking off some culture boxes for our main Erasmus+ goals.

During the afternoon, the students were treated to a Spanish lunch cooked by the families of the students, offering our pupils the opportunity to see how their counterparts live and enjoy the excellent cuisine. Our personal thanks to the Spanish pupils and their families for the feast of food offered to our pupils!