England, here we come!

Tuesday morning, the birds at the Streekbos woke to our first year DLE (tto) pupils excitedly saying their goodbyes to parents and boarding their coaches to head across the North Sea to England for their international trip. A long journey to Dunkirk was extended with the late inbound ferry, however, with a warm lunch on board, the group were quick to forget their delay and were out on deck to see the White Cliffs grow larger on their approach into Dover.

Wednesday saw the pupils down at the beach for activities and lots of fun, speaking English and enjoying their new surroundings! The afternoon had the group visiting Battle Abbey, the location of the Battle of Hastings with the memorable date of 1066, where they ventured out to picture in their mind’s eye how the battle might have been fought with foot soldiers clad in armour and heavy swords.

The pupils will be getting ready this evening for the trip up to London!