Dual Language Education House Cup: A Year of Achievements and Celebration!

This year, the Dual Language Education (DLE) pupils have been fiercely competing for the coveted House Cup, awarded annually at the DLE picnic. The competition has been a highlight of the year, fostering a spirit of camaraderie and healthy rivalry among the students.

Throughout the academic year, DLE pupils from across the department—spanning havo, vwo, and up to class four of mavo—have been earning coins. These coins are awarded for demonstrating qualities essential to their personal development, such as confidence, respect, and self-expression/creativity. Every six weeks, these coins are collected and counted, and this year has seen an unprecedented surge in the number of coins collected, reflecting a remarkable growth in these qualities among our students.

Despite plans for a picnic at the Streekbos on Tuesday, 11th June, the unpredictable Dutch summer weather had other ideas. Heavy rain thwarted the outdoor celebration, but the spirit of the event was undeterred. With umbrellas in hand and hearts full of enthusiasm, the house captains and their teams brought the celebration indoors. During a brief dry spell, the much-anticipated House Cup reveal took place outside, enhanced by vibrant yellow powder cannons.

Congratulations to all four houses for their incredible participation this year, with an astonishing number of coins collected! While Yale emerged victorious, Trinity, Harvard, and Oxford also delivered outstanding performances, making this year’s competition truly memorable.